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In 1909, the South San Joaquin Irrigation District was established to provide a reliable and economical source of irrigation water and flood control for the agricultural areas in and around Escalon, Ripon and Manteca. The formation of the district did more than just bring needed water to convert 70,000 acres into productive farmland. It literally gave life to Manteca, Ripon and Escalon. A strong vision of thriving, productive agricultural and residential communities drove us to become one of the most progressive water districts in California. Over 100 years later, our investment in the future of our community has paid off with unparalleled water and energy resources for those who make South San Joaquin County home.

Prior to SSJID, Manteca had only three or four homes and only winter crops could be grown. That all changed after May 11, 1909 when voters by a 396 to 67 margin embraced the formation of SSJID, as well as a $1,875,000 bond issue. The district's forefathers, along with Oakdale Irrigation District, had the wisdom and foresight to develop the Tri-Dam Project, a system of reservoirs, dams and powerhouses that would ensure the financial success of SSJID for many years to come. Currently Tri-Dam produces nearly 135 megawatts yearly, and along with generation sold from additional SSJID hydropower facilities, brings SSJID its share of annual income of approximately $9 to $15 million per year. The entire system was financed without aid from either the state or federal governments.

Since then, we have expanded into providing domestic water service to South San Joaquin County and installed a productive solar farm, along with a pressurized water delivery system in Division 9, and are presently moving towards providing retail electric service as well.

SB 272 (Hertzberg):
The California Public Records Act: local agencies: inventory

Which Enterprise Systems Are Covered by SB 272

Governor Brown approved SB 272 in October 2015, adding section 6270.5 to the California Public Records Act (the "Act," Government Code Sections 6250-6276.48). Section 6270.5 defines an enterprise system as a software application or computer system that collects, stores, exchanges, and analyzes information that the agency uses that is (1) a multi-departmental system or system that contains information collected about the public and (2) a system of record. A system of record means a system that serves as an original source of data within an agency. Stated plainly, SB 272 requires local agencies to create a catalog of multi-departmental systems or systems containing information about the public that store original records and post the catalog on their agency website.


Which Systems Are Excluded

Enterprise systems do not include cybersecurity systems, infrastructure and mechanical control systems, or information that would reveal vulnerabilities to, or otherwise increase the potential for an attack on, a public agency's IT system. Additionally, section 6270.5 does not automatically require disclosure of the specific records that the IT systems collect, store, exchange or analyze, however, the Act's other provisions pertaining to disclosure of such records still apply.

SB 272 - Enterprise System Catalog